Dr Mandy Lupton

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Teaching ‘in the wild’

Teaching ‘in the wild’ is inspired by my practice in moving outside my University’s bounded and closed learning management system (LMS). Several years ago, bored and frustrated with the LMS, I started using a range of ubiquitous social media and Web 2.0 tools to create a connected learning environment. The ‘in the wild’ metaphor is also informed by concept of biophilia – the connection between human beings and nature.

I am currently designing a connected learning pedagogical framework for the Transform program at the Queensland University of Technology.  This blog was started as part of my participation in the Connected Courses MOOC. My other teaching and research interests include inquiry learning and information literacy – check out my other blog: http://inquirylearningblog.wordpress.com/

Dr Mandy Lupton, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education/Learning and Teaching Unit, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Staff profile: http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/luptonm/

Email: mandy.lupton@qut.edu.au

Twitter: LuptonMandy

Images: All images are of the Australian bush. Header image: A creek in the Tasmanian wilderness Grant Williamson (image cropped)

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